Down Syndrome Ireland - A world from our beneficiaries

Sheera Separator

Name: Sheera Delaney, Age 13

Hi, my name is Sheera and like most teenage girls my age I like Westlife, Louis Walsh and of course Shelbourne F.C. I enjoy many sports, reading writing and music. I am in 6th class in my local school and hope to go to secondary next year. I know there will be new challenges in my life - access to an appropriate education and support resources. I would also like to go to 3rd level to further my development and to reach my full potential as a young adult and succeed in my own life. I know that people with Down syndrome are faced with many barriers and challenges in life. My biggest special need is the need to be included fairly in society.

I thank all the teams for supporting my challenge and the challenges of people with Down syndrome nationwide.

Best wishes from Sheera.

David Separator

Name: David Horgan, Age 16

Hi, my name is David and I am from Cork. My favourite band is Westlife. I play soccer, swim, badminton and athletics with Special Olympics. My favourite English soccer club is Man Utd. I also follow Cork City F.C. and I go to all their home games. I am in class 7 in Our Lady of Good Counsel special school. I went to main stream school until I was 13. I have two more years left in school and then I will go to a training centre. I don't get any speech therapy; if I did it would really improve my communication skills.

Good luck to all the teams supporting the "challenge".


Meghan Separator

Name: Meghan O'Halloran

Hi, My name is Meghan O Halloran. I am 16 years old. My hobbies are gymnastics, swimming, badminton and athletics. I do all these with Special Olympics. I have won 7 gold and 3 silver medals at the last 2 National games. In 2003 I won 1 Gold and 2 Bronze medals at the World Games in Dublin. I love going to see Cork City play. I am in Our Lady Of Good Counsel School Ballincollig. I went to mainstream primary school, up to six class.

I am looking forward to the Friends of Ted Milk Float push and to welcome the teams to Cork.

Wishing everybody a successful journey.


Emily Separator

Name: Emily Leonard, Age 6

Hi, my name is Emily Leonard and I am 6 years old. The photo is of me and my Dad in town recently. I love swimming and football and go to the park every Sunday with Dad and Mum to watch the boys play and of course to give them some encouragement. I am attending National School and I am in Senior Infants with all my friends from around the area. I am learning to read and write and while it's not easy when you are 6 I am getting lots of help from my teacher and my SNA, (Special Needs Assistant).

It's too soon to know what I would like to do when I grow up but I am hopeful that there will be opportunities for people with Down syndrome and perhaps I might go on to sit my Leaving Certificate and become a nurse or maybe a beautician. I suppose I'm like any person growing up in Ireland and simply want the chance to reach my full potential as a young adult and succeed in life.

I want to thank everybody for supporting this event while promoting awareness for people with Down syndrome in Ireland.

I hope everybody has good fun, from Emily

Andrew Separator

Name: Andrew Appelbe

My name is Andrew Appelbe, and I am 27 years old. I live with my Mam, Dad and brother at home on the farm. I got to the training workshop in Fermoy every day. I love going as I meet my friends and we do lots of things together. We play sports Golf, Bowling and Swimming. I got lots of trophies for Swimming. At work I love to go down town shopping and for coffee and meet lots of people and have a chat. I love dancing and music we are doing a variety show, I am doing a Michael Jackson and we are performing at the Opera House in Cork, a big night.

At weekends and holidays I often help my brother on the farm, I love the sheep and lambs they are easy to handle, we have to move cattle around the farm. We sometime have a row, I get stubborn and he sends me home but we make up again and I go back out. He pays me which is good.

I did a personal Development Program and Independent Living Programme with Down Syndrome Ireland which I enjoyed very much; I received a Certificate of Merit for both.

Barbara Separator

Name: Barbara Norris, Age 20

Hi, my name is Barbara, and welcome to my section. I live in Belfast. I work Mondays and Tuesdays at the Down's Syndrome Association Office in Belfast. I have a day off on Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday I am in college. On Thursdays I do Maths and English my mum Erica Norris teaches me for maths and Fay teaches me English. On Fridays I do Business Administration ICT, and I have passed my level 1- 4 Business Admin exams. I am a member of the SHOUT Project, and with the SHOUT Project I train people in Hospitals, Schools and community settings about Down's Syndrome. We go on workshops and residential to help us work as a team, and to socialise and have fun.
I do gymnastics on a Wednesday evening and Tag Rugby and golf on a Sunday. I would like to say thank you to my mum and dad for encouraging me.

Good luck to everyone who is getting involved in Ted40

David Separator

Name: David McAnena, Age 9

My name is David, I am nine years old. This is me with my dog Julie; she gets into a lot of trouble with my mother.
I love High School Musical, but I like High School Musical 2 better. I know all of the songs off by heart and I know all the dance moves.
I have two older sisters, Laura and Niamh. Laura is always putting gel in my hair which I don't like and Niamh is always trying to make me tidy up. It's good having sisters because I can borrow their iPods and listen to my favourite songs; I love 'Beautiful Girls' by Sean Kingston.
I also like horse riding and swimming with my Dad. I go on my horse every Saturday and we go walking and trotting. I go with my friends, Sean and Daniel.

Best of Luck to everybody with TED 40


Edel Separator

Name: Edel Morrison.

My name is Edel Morrison and I live in Fermoy Co., Cork with my Mammy and Daddy and Brother Barry. My sister Sarah is married to John; I was a bridesmaid at the wedding. They live near us. I am 28 years Old. My Birthday is on the 27th of March. I go to COPE everyday. It is a great place to work with all my friends and staff. I go by taxi everyday. I like going to the Colaiste School near COPE. We do different things; we do communications, drama, computers, cooking and music. My favourite thing in Colaiste is computers and drama. We do it with Frances and Enda. It is great to work with them. We did a show recently in the Cork Opera House, we did Fame with all the Colaiste people. It was a great show. There was a big crowd, but we enjoyed it. Frances lets me work in the Cr&eagrave;che in the Colaiste. My hobbies are walking, swimming and lots of things. My favourite singer is Daniel O'Donnell. I have met him lots of times. I like doing writing and reading and listening to tapes. My favourite soaps are Emmerdale Farm, Coronation St. and Home and Away. In the future I would like to work in the cr&eagrave;che with all the children.

I look forward to the Craggy Island Mild Float coming to Cork and wish all the teams every success.

Thank you.


Emma Separator

Name: Emma O'Connor, Age 5.

Hi, my name is Emma O'Connor, and I live in Cork. I started school in September and so far so good, I really love it! I enjoy looking at books and hearing stories. In school one of my most favourite things to do is to act out a story like The Billy Goats Gruff, that's such fun. I find drawing and colouring quite challenging and I need help developing my fine motor skills. I am one of many children with Down syndrome who attend mainstream school, but like others with my disability, I do not get resource teaching from the department of Education. This makes my Mom and Dad very sad.

Yes Minister of course... I should be entitled to resource.

Including Mom and Dad there are 8 in our family; I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters and although I am only five years old I am an Auntie too! My niece Alison and my brother Jonathan and I are all best buddies.

Thank you for supporting the Milk Round. While it will be challenging it will be great fun too, just like the day to day life of this little person with Down syndrome.

Maximilian Separator

Name: Maximilian Crowe, Age 5 and a half.

Hi my name is Maximilian Crowe but my friends call me Max. I live in Dublin with my Mam, Dad and Brother Alex. I am 51/2 years old. I started National School in September and am in Junior Infants. I like playing Football, my favorite team is Manchester United. I also like American Football and support Greenbay Packers in Wisconsin. When I get bigger my Dad said he and Mam will bring me and my Brother over to American to see a real live game. And you never know we might also get to pop into Disneyland to say hello to Mickey Mouse and the gang on the way. I like to jump on my Trampoline, Swimming and playing on my Computer. When I grow up I want to be just like my Daddy. He is my best friend and fun to be with. My Dream is to take part in the Special Olympics and win some Medals just like many of the other Ted 40 Ambassadors.

Best of Luck to all those participating in the Ted 40 Challenge. I'm looking forward to it myself and cheering you all on in Dublin.

Go on Go on Go on..............................

Rachel Lucy Howie Separator

Name: Rachel Lucy Howie

My name is Rachel and I am 21. I live in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. On Mondays I work at the Beeches. I work in the kitchen and go into the music room and play all types of instruments. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to work at Holy Trinity Nursery School. I do office work, and help to mind the children and set up for lunches in the classrooms. On Wednesday I help out in the Down's Syndrome Association office.

I enjoy getting on with my life. My hobbies are partying- going disco dancing and karaoke and girly things like make up and nails. I like watching the television and the film Pirates of the Caribbean is good. I like going on sleepovers at my two best mates, Lily McFarlane and Katherine. I go to Church with my mum and my sister Claire. I went to Spain with the DSA for 7 nights. I really enjoyed it, and enjoyed being with my bestest friend Leighann so much.

Ted40 is brilliant it's a great idea

Mark Butler Separator

Name: Mark Butler

My name is Mark Butler and this is my twin Christopher. We are 19 months old and from Dublin. Like all other toddlers I need my Mammy to communicate for me. My twin and I are at different stages of our development Christopher is walking and I have just started to commando crawl some day I will catch up with my brother but it will take a little longer as I have Down syndrome. So I need help not just from my Family but from the Physio, Home Teachers, and speech and language therapists especially. I hear Mammy and Daddy talking and they say there is a shortage of these people so now it will take even longer for me to catch up with Christopher. As twins we are very alike we like the same food the same toys but he can run and climb and I need to be carried I want to be able to do thing with my twin and not always feel different. Thank you for your support as this will help me be where I want to be sooner rather than later.

Geraldine Scullion Separator

Name: Geraldine Scullion, 26

Hello my name is Geraldine. I am 26 years old and I work in Spar. I live in Ballymena in the country and my dad is a farmer. I like drama. On Monday night I do drama at Belvoir in Belfast and we are working on a play for Christmas. I like Westlife and I want to go and see them in Belfast in January.

Love Mark and not forgetting my twin Christopher

Geraldine Scullion

Aideen Butterly Separator

Name: Aideen Butterly, 13

"Hi, My name is Aideen Butterly and I am 13 years old. This is photo of me on my holidays in Spain this year. I am in a restaurant laughing with the man with the guitar and his singing voice! I am in primary one in St. Brigid's School, a school for children with special needs. I really like my school because on Mondays we go horse-riding, on Tuesday we learn to cook and on Fridays we go swimming. My favourite is horse-riding and i can go by myself now. At the moment I am training in swimming so that someday I can compete in the Special Olympics.

I love having sleepovers with my friends. We watch Madeline and High School Musical together. These are my favourite films. I also love when my sisters play games with us. I have three older sisters and they are beautiful sisters and they make me laugh. I love my Mammy and daddy too because I'm their baby!

Thank you to everyone for helping and all my friends with Down Syndrome and hope everyone has fun.


Paul Boyce Separator

Name: Paul Boyce

My name is Paul. I am nearly 10 years old my birthday is on New Years Day. I go to St Josephs National School which I love. My teacher's are Ms Russell and Ms Dunne and my Special Needs Assistant is Dominica. I love football and music all types of music. My Favourite T.V. programs include Father Ted, Mr Bean and Killnaskully.

I look forward to TED40 coming to Donegal and to welcome the teams.

Thank you.

Best Wishes Paul.

Seamus Feeney Separator

Name: Seamus Feeney, 17

Hi, my name is Seamus Feeney, I am 17 years old. I live in Fermoy with my Mam and Dad and sister Helena. I go to Our Lady of Good Council, Ballincollig, and I am in class 8. My hobbies are playing soccer and GAA; I also enjoy swimming and walking. I also enjoy going to discos. Next year I will attend a training center in cope, where I will learn new skills

I wish Ted 40 team the best of luck on their journey.


Maeve Phillips Separator

Name: Maeve Phillips, 24

My name is Maeve and I live in Lucan with my family. I work in The Celbridge Abbey, in St. John of God. I am also doing a computer course in Lucan. I love music and Westlife are my favourite group. My favourite team is Man United and my favourite player is Wayne Rooney. I love sports, especially swimming, basketball and horse riding. I was very proud to represent Ireland in the Special Olympics World Games in 2003 and I won a gold medal in swimming. My team mates and I also went to South Africa in 2004 to represent Ireland in the World Down Syndrome Swimming Championship and we came home with lots of medals. My favourite T.V show is Fr. Ted and I get my inspiration from Ms. Doyle. To all the volunteers I say "go on, go on, go on,"

Best wishes,


Robyn Lynam Separator

Name: Robyn Lynam , 2 and a half

My name is Robyn, I am only 2 and a half years old so my Dad speaks for me at the moment. Without speech and language therapy this may well always be the case. Speech therapy is vital for me; it will assist me for my whole life. Speech therapy is not just about talking more importantly it is about being heard. Nobody will hear me if I don't speak for myself. I, like any other little girl love dolls, music and of course my daddy!! Wishing all the participating teams the very best of luck and thanking them in advance for supporting Down Syndrome Ireland. Hope to speak to you all in the future.

Best of Luck,


Ciara O'Reilly Separator

Name: Ciara O'Reilly, 20

My name is Ciara O'Reilly and I am 20 years old. I completed both primary and secondary school and finished my junior and applied leaving certificates. I got great marks and was happy with my results. I go to the University of Limerick National Arena 3 time a week for swimming and using the gym. I have to take two buses there and back. I also ran the Limerick Women's Mini Marathon. I am currently with a job coach and looking for a job. I would like to work as a secretary and have my own apartment. I would also like to write my own stories.

I hope everybody enjoys participating in this memorable event and thank them for supporting the TED40 journey.


Ciara O'Reilly

Joshua Separator

Name: Joshua, 4

Hi my name is Joshua I am 4 years old. I live in Dublin I have 2 sisters & 2 brothers. I am the 2nd youngest in my family. I go to Montessori 4 mornings a week .I have a helper some of the time but as I can't talk yet my teachers and friends are learning Lamh, sign language, so we can understand each other.

My mum & dad would really like me to talk one day I try very hard to but I need more speech therapy to help me with this.

I love playing games & I have 2 gold fish & a rabbit called Boo whom I am in charge of feeding.

I want to thank everybody who supported the milk float push & wish all the participants' good luck,


Emily Separator

Name: Emily McDonald, 3

Hi, my name is Emily McDonald. I am 3 years old. I have beautiful green eyes, (or so I'm told) and brown hair. I live in Laois with my Mammy, my Daddy and my little sister. She is new on the scene and a little bit loud, but I suppose I'm getting used to her.

My favourite things to do are Jigsaws, Books, Drawing, Music and dancing, and I love playing with my Dolls and Dora the explorer. I am walking for the past month and it has opened up a whole new world to me. Mammy and Daddy are delighted to see me on my feet.

I can't speak clearly yet but I communicate by using Lamh sign language and some words. I get very frustrated because I can understand everything, but I just can't get what is in my head to come out my mouth.

I get some physiotherapy and speech therapy, but I really need a lot more speech therapy to help me communicate the way I want. Apparently there is just not enough speech services available. I can't wait until the day I can say what I want without any difficulty.

In the photo I am getting a piggy back from my Granddad.

Good luck with the push

Emily xx

Emily Separator

Name:Billy, 8

Billy is 8 years old and goes to Scoil Chiarain in Glasnevin. He enjoys swimming and gymnastics. As you can see he also has a keen interest in photography! Looking forward to the big push in February.

Best of Luck to all my friends at United Drug.


Friends of Ted